Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture
December 21, 2018
SOUP Publication in Deep Learning Methodologies
June 1, 2020

WP1: Greenhouse development

Soilless cultivation of tomatoes (“ELPIDA” hybrid) in twelve independent and insect-proof chambers, at different vegetative stages will be carried out. Six different pest infestations and phytopathological diseases will be evaluated separately in each one of the 12 separate cages. Every single cage will be constructed not only to develop the necessary database for the Intelligent System which will handle the cultivation as an integrated system, as well as for the experimental evaluation and development of different robotic systems.

For this reason, a greenhouse at the facilities of Technological Institute of Crete is being reformed for the implementation of experimental assays. 

The following activities will take place:

  • 12 independent “apartments” will be reconstructed with polyethylene plastic layers and insect-proof net
  • each apartment will be 3 m. wide and 4 m. long which will accommodate 4 tomato plants.

cultivation will take place 12 months a year

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